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A. Web site

1. Readability

Labrador has combined its expertise in imparting information and increasing document readability to design a web site with an intuitive structure that enables users to look up and better understand regulated financial information.

The home page is divided into three separate parts:

  • The Permanent Information section displays the three latest permanent news items available and provides a link to all the other permanent news items in the database. They are classified by date from the most recent to the oldest

  • The Periodic Information section is broken down into nine sub-sections for each type of information (Annual, Half-Year and Quarterly reports, Statutory Auditors’ Fees, Reference Documents, etc.). Each sub-section proposes the three latest documents available and a link to all similar documents classified in chronological order

  • The left column contains all the search tools

  • The site can be consulted in French, in English, in Portuguese and in Dutch

2. Functionalities

  • Chronological consultation of documents within the various sections of the site

  • All the documents can be viewed, downloaded, printed and sent by e-mail

  • Users can subscribe to RSS feeds of documents of one or more sectors, and/or one or more issuers

  • The documents selected by sector or issuer can be received automatically by email

  • Search toolbox adapted to the user’s expectations when searching for information:
    • Search for issuers by full name, first letters of the name, ISIN code, alphabetical directory, etc.
    • Search for issuers by category A, B, C, or by group of constituent indexes – CAC40, SBF120, etc.
    • Looking up information about an issuer or group of issuers (Annex 2)
    • Viewing of international blue chip stocks, in Europe with the constituents of the FTSEuroFirst100, and in the United States with those of the S&P100
    • Search for documents by type of regulated information
    • Advanced multi-criteria search that makes it possible to look up all declarations of statutory auditors’ fees for all CAC40 companies, or all annual financial reports of the automotive sector, etc. (Annex 3)

3. Organization of information

  • By issuer
    The credentials and all the necessary information for each issuer are provided: name, ISIN code, basic data, contacts, membership to a rating category or index, attachment to an FTSE Euronext sector.

  • By group of issuers

  • By category A, B and C

  • By index: CAC40, Next20, SBF120, SBF250, and for the sample of international blue-chip stocks: FTSEuroFirst100 and S&P100

  • By type of document
    All documents are systematically indexed in compliance with the instructions of the French market regulator (AMF), either manually by REGinfo or automatically during the digital integration of press release feeds from wires. In the latter case, REGinfo only checks the index and validates it before publication.

4. Compliance with accessibility standards

  • The web site was, from the outset, developed in compliance with HTMLW3C accessibility standards, to enable the partially-sighted and disabled to use a specialized browser of their choice for optimum viewing.

B. Database

1. Structure

SQL Server (see chapter on “Technological choices”) is an industry standard that is very scalable and portable towards other types of architecture. The multilingual production tool integrates and indexes all formats (texts, HTML, Microsoft Office file formats, XML, newsml as well as audio and video).

2. Content

On 17 September 2007, the REGinfo database hosted more than 50,000 documents and their 150,000 index keys.

The architecture can hold millions of keys and can therefore easily store five years of archives for all issuers.

C. Technological platform

1. Technological choices

  • Microsoft Technology guarantees robustness and durability, and facilitates the processing of a large category of Microsoft Office documents (Excel, Word). The solutions proposed by this publisher are professional, expandable and controlled.

  • The Database selected for storage:
    SQL server is a relational and transactional database that is secure, robust and capable of absorbing increased capacity.

  • Web technology:
    IIS/ASP has proven its robustness and reliability. This software solution is used to develop scalable and ergonomic Client/Server platforms.

  • Search engine:
    “Google Search Appliance” is characterized by its ability to index millions of documents. It is a (non-semantic) search engine with excellent response times which corresponds to the security criteria required for this type of document application.

2. Availability and security guarantees

The REGinfo technical platform is hosted with a specialized hosting company with a contractual undertaking to provide all the necessary guarantees of availability and security.

OXYA is one of the top international hosting companies whose clients include seven of the ten largest stock exchanges in Europe as well as companies with critical applications such as BNP Paribas, Commerzbank, and the world’s 25 largest financial institutions. It also provides the connection for the 650 members of the SWIFTNet network.

Guarantees provided by the hoster
• 24/7 High Availability of the hosting center
• Redundant equipment (application servers and database) in load balancing
• Service resumed in under 1 hour (if the redundant architecture fails)

Secure access:
• Video surveillance of the site
• Access with a swipe card
• Tracking of entries and exits
• Armored and fire-resistant double-entrance security doors

Electrical security:
• Uninterruptible power supplies
• Generator units (2 in operation/3 as backup) autonomy 72 hours
• Redundant network

• 3 air-conditioning units that maintain a constant temperature of 21 +/-3°C
• Controlled humidity

• Redundant, ultra-sophisticated heat-detection equipment
• FM200 Gas evacuation system

Site certification:
• ISAE-3402 standard complying with technical, administrative and legal aspects

High accessibility:
• Redundant Cisco Technology, interconnected in optical fiber
• Redundant, dedicated bandwidth, ensuring 99.9% access availability

Application software:
• Data secured in a standard relational database (SQL server)
• Secure Back-office information, versioned, tracked and redundant: all the documents and the related taxonomy are redundant and backed up
• Front-office information
• Application maintenance by Publiatis

• All our data is backed up every day (robot)